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Carvery and BBQ Catering

Get a traditional carvery roast dinner- or Aussie BBQ catering experience- without any hassle.

The Catering Shop’s roast carveries are made from locally sourced high quality meat, cooked to perfection. The roast carvery menu includes delectable roast peppered porterhouse with gravy, roast pork with apple sauce, with roast turkey and chicken available on request.

Additionally, The Catering Shop offers the ultimate Aussie BBQ experience with spiced chicken skewers, beef burgers and continental sausages. This can be perfect for a more informal catered event, especially outdoors. We also have a range of other BBQ meats we can supply that are not mentioned below- so let us know if you have any requests! We always aim to do the best we can with our client’s catering needs.

We also supply all the equipment and staff hire you need for your roast dinner or catered BBQ. We will include this when you request a quote , or you can view our catering equipment pricelist.

Roast Carvery

Roast Carvery

Roast peppered porterhouse with gravy

Roast pork with apple sauce

Roast potatoes

Mediterranean Greek Salad

Traditional coleslaw

French buttered bread sticks

Disposable plates, cutlery and serviettes

$25 per person (Minimum 25 people)

Extra options $5.50 per person: roast turkey or roast chicken

Aussie BBQ

Aussie BBQ

Spiced chicken skewers, beef burger, continental sausages, bread rolls + butter and 3 Salads — Mediterranean Greek, Traditional Coleslaw and Creamy Potato

Plates / cutlery serviettes + condiments all provided

Other BBQ options: variety of other meats and seafood on request

$24.95 per person (Minimum 20 people)

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  • Port of Melbourne
  • Sony
  • Marcellin College
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  • Plush Furnitrue
  • Monash University
  • Swinbourne Univerity
  • Commonwealth Bank
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