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How to organise a fabulous last minute Christmas office party

Christmas time is a great opportunity to organize a fun event for your staff. However, often it can be left till last minute, leaving you with lots of things to do and little time. Don’t stress, we got this. That’s why we have put together a list of things, just for you to make organizing the party a hassle-free experience. The Catering Shop’s last minute Christmas party planning tips:

Pick a day and time

Take a vote of your staff for the best time.

Tip: Friday would be the best day of the week to throw an office party


You are probably worried about the venues still available. Why not have the party at your office if you are a small number of people. For a more elaborate party, hire a venue like ‘The Library at Docklands’ which has a stunning view (we recommend this!).

Tip: Make sure your venue is close to your office or public transport for convenience


The most important part, good food will keep your employees happy and make the party a success! Our Christmas Menu offers the perfect options including special roast lunch or dinner for your party. What’s more, we deliver directly to your venue. Additional staff and alcoholic beverages are available on request, easing you of any unnecessary worries.

Tip: Download our Christmas menu to know more and book soon to avail our special offers!


Organise some games, background music or a theme to make it a fun night for your employees.

Tip: Some ideas are funniest sweater competition, charades, a photo booth and Christmas trivia


Send out a colourful and cheerful Christmas themed poster to let your employees know that the party is casual, fun and a break from work.

Tip: Use to make an easy, quick and eye catching poster to circulate to your staff

The above tips will ensure that your office party is a memorable success and there will be no hint of last minute planning! So enjoy the well-deserved break from work and Merry Christmas from The Catering Shop!

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Questions to ask your Corporate Caterer

Good food is a crucial part to the success of private parties and corporate luncheons amongst your friends and business networks. Picking the right caterer that suits your needs amongst the plenty of catering options available can therefore be quite daunting.

We provide you with the right questions to ask that will help you choose the best catering company for your event.

  • Does the caterer have various options for people with dietary restrictions?
  • Does the price range quoted by the caterer fit within your budget and be sure to ask what’s included in that price?
  • Would the caterer be willing to accommodate last minute changes in the number of people to be catered or menu changes?
  • Enquire about their regular customers and ask to read some past client’s testimonials to find out if they have experience catering to events like yours.
  • Do they offer other services such as rental equipment that you may require for your event such as crockery, cutlery or serving staff?
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Catering Experience with TedX. Part Two.

TedX Experience. Client Story. Part Two.

Following last week’s story on our catering services with TEDx, we give you an insight into our customer’s experience. Tracey MizTee Habron, a licensee of TEDxDocklands whom we worked with, kindly answered a few questions about us.

She praised the:

  • excellent quality of the food at all four of the events we catered for
  • good value for money
  • delivery in a quick and convenient manner every time
  • reliability, as she would call and notify us of certain specifications and leave the rest of the order to be delivered perfectly by us

She concluded by saying that ‘Anne and her team always deliver above expectations’ and she would surely recommend us 100%.

I would like to acknowledge MizTee for taking time to talk to us, it has been a pleasure working with you and we are looking forward to working with TEDx in the future.

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Catering Experience with TedX. Part One.

As it is well known, TEDx is a global multimedia platform to share out of the box ideas and we are delighted to be associated with their events.

We have served luncheons at four TEDx events in Melbourne in the past and look forward to providing for more events for them in the future. We catered for the different food preferences of the 100-400 people from around the world.

An exciting and new experience for The Catering shop was serving corporate sandwiches and food in a nautical based theme for the ‘Setting Sail’ TEDx Dockland event on May 3rd. A stream of praises and positive feedback came our way that day, for our attention to serving special dietary requirements.

Coming up next week, is an exciting interview piece of Tracey from TEDx about her experience with The Catering Shop.