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Catering Experience with TedX. Part One.

As it is well known, TEDx is a global multimedia platform to share out of the box ideas and we are delighted to be associated with their events.

We have served luncheons at four TEDx events in Melbourne in the past and look forward to providing for more events for them in the future. We catered for the different food preferences of the 100-400 people from around the world.

An exciting and new experience for The Catering shop was serving corporate sandwiches and food in a nautical based theme for the ‘Setting Sail’ TEDx Dockland event on May 3rd. A stream of praises and positive feedback came our way that day, for our attention to serving special dietary requirements.

Coming up next week, is an exciting interview piece of Tracey from TEDx about her experience with The Catering Shop.

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