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Catering Experience with TedX. Part Two.

TedX Experience. Client Story. Part Two.

Following last week’s story on our catering services with TEDx, we give you an insight into our customer’s experience. Tracey MizTee Habron, a licensee of TEDxDocklands whom we worked with, kindly answered a few questions about us.

She praised the:

  • excellent quality of the food at all four of the events we catered for
  • good value for money
  • delivery in a quick and convenient manner every time
  • reliability, as she would call and notify us of certain specifications and leave the rest of the order to be delivered perfectly by us

She concluded by saying that ‘Anne and her team always deliver above expectations’ and she would surely recommend us 100%.

I would like to acknowledge MizTee for taking time to talk to us, it has been a pleasure working with you and we are looking forward to working with TEDx in the future.

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