Hire Equipment and Staff

Equipment Hire and Staff

The Catering Shop has a substantial store of catering equipment available for you to hire. A delivery and pick up fee apply.

Staff hiring has a minimum hour of 4. Supervisor and event managers can also be provided.

Equipment Rent
Hi-ball drinking glasses $1.00
Wine glasses $1.00
Beer glasses $1.00
Champagne flutes $1.20
Entree/Side plate $0.95
Dinner plate $1.00
Soup bowl $0.95
Knives/forks/spoons $0.85
Large water jugs $4.50
Trestle tables $21.40
Linen Napkins $1.85
Cups, saucers and teaspoon set
(includes milk jug per 10 sets)

Events Hire Rent
Trestle tables $21.40
Hot water urns $25.00
BBQ (includes tools) $95.00
Chafing dishes with inserts $60.00
Entree/Side plate $0.95
Pie warmers $45.00

Staff/Waiters Wage
Monday to Friday $40.00/hr
Saturday $50.00/hr
Sunday $52.00/hr
Public Holidays $65.00/hr

Chef Wage
Monday to Friday $45.00/hr
Saturday $50.00/hr
Sunday $60.00/hr
Public Holidays $75.00/hr

Disposable Selection

All items are available at 0.20c.
Includes knives, forks, teaspoons, soup spoons, juice cups, dinner plates, sides plates, bowls, hot and cold disposable cups.

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