Lunch bags and boxes

Catering with Lunch Boxes and Lunch Bags

Lunch boxes make catering simple.

In the typical corporate office, catered lunches can often end up being a slightly awkward group of people milling around the lunch table, hungry but trying not to look too eager for the food.

Using lunch boxes makes catering a simpler and less painful process. Simply hand out the packs, one-by-one, and people are free to continue talking with whoever they please. It can be a handy way of ensuring that there’s no need for people to interrupt the flow of their conversations just so they can get something to eat.

It also offers a discreet way to do portion-control. The fact is, some people will want to eat more than others- but you can’t let that lead to other people missing out. However, having to over-cater is annoying and unnecessary for everyone.

Plus, if you’re looking for a more affordable option that will fit your budget, then lunch bags are an even more cost-effective catering option – but the quality will still leave your guests satisfied.

These are just one of the tricks you learn after being in catering for a while. We’re here to make your experience as smooth as possible, so we would be happy to talk through these options on the phone.

A quick phone call to Anne from The Catering Shop will mean you can get a speedy quote on what you’re looking for, alongside any other advice you may need. You have nothing to lose by giving us a quick call now.

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